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"I was very happy with the service Isabelle provided for me at a difficult time in my life. After my mother passed away, I was suffering from grief, guilty and stressed from missing work and neglecting my own children during the final months of my mom's illness. I had the added responsibility of being named Executor of my mother's estate. This meant going through my childhood home, with 46 years of my mother's possessions, legal paperwork, getting appraisals, sorting, packing, donating, and so forth. Isabelle helped me (and my family) survive this very stressful period with her consistent and supportive presence. Whether it was being cheerfully available on (very!) short notice, running errands for me, delivering items to Goodwill, arranging for childcare, helping stage the house for sale, or providing hot coffee and chocolate treats, Isabelle came through for me every time with humor and compassion. I highly recommend Isabelle and TOURNESOL SERVICES, LLC."

Suzanne K., Chevy Chase, MD (Spring 2013) 
“My elderly and disabled parents had amassed many piles of disorganized papers throughout their 3-story house, and a tax deadline was looming. A trusted friend in the eldercare field recommended TOURNESOL SERVICES, LLC. My parents, who are not the most trusting folks, immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Isabelle Melese-d'Hospital's warm and down-to-earth style. Even while putting in long hours organizing their papers to meet the tax deadline, Isabelle remained good-humored and compassionate. She was also helpful with errands to the grocery store, brought them fresh flowers gratis, and was quite knowledgeable about other resources in the area, from eldercare transportation to piano-tuning. She was patient and kind during multiple follow-up phone calls from both my parents, even after they no longer needed her services.”

K.B., Takoma Park, MD (Winter 2013)
"Dr. Isabelle Melese-d'Hospital's keen observations and quick thinking saved my mom from certain death in the fall of 2011. During a routine visit at her home, she recognized that my independent 93-year old mother was ailing, even though her symptoms were subtle. Isabelle gently convinced my mom to visit the emergency department of a nearby hospital, where she was immediately treated and admitted to the hospital based on multiple diagnoses of dementia, urinary tract infection, leg blood clot, dehydration and malnutrition. I believe that Isabelle’s decisive and appropriate actions saved Mom's life. Later, Isabelle helped her transfer to a rehab. facility, acting on my behalf and taking control of a complicated situation. She communicated with health care providers, visited my mom, brought her clothing and personal momentos, then helped with the next move, locating an appropriate care facility closer to me, her son. Isabelle also helped me by sorting and packing all of my mother's documents and possessions. She then donated items, supervised the movers, and arranged for the apartment to be cleaned. Isabelle’s frequent friendly and cheerful bedside visits were a great comfort to my mom… and her detailed written report was very useful for the healthcare personnel and staff at the facilities where my mom was cared for. I have every confidence in Isabelle's abilities to handle any situation involving assistance and support for an elderly or disabled person." 

Iain L., Alexandria, VA (2011-2012)
 "I met Isabelle Melese-d’Hospital in August 2011 when she answered my ad for a dog and overnight house-sitter.  For four months afterwards, she lovingly cared for my large rottweiler, including taking him to the veterinarian and buying him treats. Isabelle went above and beyond a dog walking service, as she always did some light housekeeping, organizing and/or ran errands for me each time she came over to walk my dog.  As I am a single mother, I particularly appreciated her supportive presence and practical assistance throughout several crisis periods in 2011 and even afterwards.  Furthermore, Isabelle went out of her way to find a competent and reasonably-priced handyman to come repair our back door, repair a water-damaged wall and A/C unit, and also replace a missing gutter.  She even weeded and then managed to arrange for free landscaping from a local company for my neglected and overgrown yard.  Sometimes I had to call Isabelle at the last minute to go pick up my medically-fragile child at her high school to take her home, but for Isabelle it was never a problem.  She even thoughtfully visited my child in the hospital on her own time and brought her flowers!  I am very grateful for what Isabelle has done for my family, and appreciate her honesty, compassion, competence and pro-active attitude.  I can heartily endorse Dr. Melese-d’Hospital and her new business, Tournesol Services, LLC.  Anyone who hires her will be glad they did!

Eileen T., Silver Spring, MD (2011-2012)