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About Tournesol

Isabelle Melese-d'Hospital, PhD

Isabelle will help you solve real-life problems; she offers knowledge, insight and compassion gained from years of sociological and health research, observation and life experience.  Whether you need support related to your own or a loved one’s crisis or transition - be it finding or managing healthcare providers, patient advocacy, organization or de-cluttering at home, downsizing, running errands, supervising household workers or developing strategies to navigate a major life change, Isabelle can assist you in making it happen!

Tournesol Services, LLC was envisioned to provide support and assistance to seniors and families in transition, growing out of Isabelle's experience with her family and volunteering with her church (St. Margaret's Episcopal).  Tournesol's seeds were sown while Isabelle served as Executrix for her mother's will in 2008, and began regularly volunteering as a Lay Eucharistic Visitor, where she saw some seniors neglected when they had little or no family visitors and no-one to serve as their advocate.  She learned to work with the nurses, aides and social workers to get better care for the elderly whom she noticed needed attention.

With a PhD in Medical Sociology from the University of California, San Francisco, Isabelle offers an extensive academic background in addition to life experience.   From health researcher and educator to mother of three grown children and small business owner, she is skilled at analyzing problems, troubleshooting on the fly, and mapping out complex logistics.

Since founding Tournesol, she has assisted with other's estate issues, including with sorting, packing and donating household goods, as well as managing complex family issues; served as informal patient advocate for elderly clients in hospitals and in nursing-home environments; provided practical support and education to family members regarding a loved one’s dementia and related health problems; helped elderly couples sort through years of papers to prepare their taxes; developed filing systems for home offices; entered data on Excel spreadsheets for tax deducations; de-cluttered several studio apartments, and so on.   All of this experience, combined with a passion for spiritual and physical wellness, strong sense of compassion and deep caring means that Isabelle will be dedicated to finding solutions for you!  De-stress your life,

                                                                                                                                Turn to Tournesol!! 

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