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Initial one-hour consultation is free!

Rates range from $50 - $90 per hour based on task category and client’s circumstances.

 Friendly Visitor & Family/Patient Advocacy Health and Safety Consultation  
Transition Planning and 
Downsizing Assistance

Observation and reporting to family about client’s condition(s) and concerns, such as typical daily activities, background information on career and hobbies, as well as a non-clinical assessment of client's physical and social environment.

Written report for client and family (as appropriate) with helpful recommendations & resources; can be shared w/health providers.

Personalized Health Research conducted on client’s health condition(s) and concerns.

Clear, straightforward reports aimed at improving client's quality of life and facilitate clear communication with health care provider

Practical Assistance: running errands, folding laundry, walking dog, feeding cat, etc. Supervision of caregivers, movers, contractors, repairmen, cleaners, etc.

Assistance for estate executors who must deal with personal effects, with compassionate support for surviving family members during a difficult time.

Intelligent, educated staff provide logistical and emotional support and referrals; tailored to client’s and family’s needs and preferences; friendly visits and/or accompany client to movies, museums, symphony, etc.

Health and Safety Advice: risk prevention (e.g., fall prevention, hazard reduction, emergency preparation, etc.); resources and support to optimize physical and mental wellness.
assisting with de-cluttering, home office filing, sorting and/or packing of personal items, down-sizing to a smaller living space, inventory and disposal of personal property after a death, or even full scale clean-outs of rooms, studios or small apartments.

Coordinating medical
& other health-related appointments, organization of schedule, note-taking during appointment, tracking patient's progress on behalf of the family by visiting the home or institution.

Coaching: during times of transition and when requested, provide extra health education support and recommend resources to assist clients and families in stress reduction.
Transition Management: provide strategic planning (logistics and coordination) and tactical support (packing, unpacking, etc.) for client and family during major transitions (e.g. moving to assisted living, downsizing etc.).